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Advanced Analytics: How to Make Sound Decisions with Big Data

Reading Time: 3 Minutes 03.05.2021 Currents & Trends

Everything from a single source, from reporting through to process optimization

A dream soon to come true for SMEs: advanced analytics or how collecting data helps you to predict future events and behaviors.

We talked to Stefan Dornseifer, head of proALPHA Business Unit Advanced Analytics, about how solid data will influence forecasts in small and mid-sized enterprises in the future. The new episode of our podcast "Digital genial" will tell you more about what advanced analytics have to do with building a house or seeing a doctor (available only in German).

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In this article, we have summarized the main facts for you. Are you prepared for the future of digital automation?

Basic and descriptive – business intelligence (BI) today

We are currently still dealing with the analysis, preparation and display of historical data in SMEs. The aim is to map what has happened and why it has happened this way by means of ad-hoc analyses, reports, and dashboards. For this purpose, we provide business cockpits tailored to the needs of every division to create guided analytical reports, so-called guided analytics. They allow you to quickly detect any outliers and trends. Out standard cockpits guide our customers through the world of their data, like guided tours for their own business so to speak, including purchasing, materials management, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Overview of the highlights

What concerns small and mid-sized enterprises in their daily business? Important issues include standardized same-day analyses at the push of a button, critical KPIs, complex ad-hoc queries. The right tools help to meet these requirements easily and quickly:

    • Easy-to-use BI tools tailored to the needs of the customer (guided tours).
    • Specific tools for every position to meet the respective requirements for viewing the data from a certain angle, be it for managers, department heads, or specialists.
    • Interactive business cockpits which correspond with each other and form the basis for sound decisions.

And special requirements like ad-hoc reporting can always be fulfilled with InfoZoom. The tool is easy to use and you just need a few clicks to display specific data analyses in mere seconds. What's more: it also detects data quality issues.

Predictive und Prescriptive – Advanced Analytics tomorrow

Henceforth, it shall be possible to use the data analysis as a basis for maintaining data quality and improving the quality of the decisions in the long run. This requires defined rules and processes, which are developed in the context of the digital automation.

Advanced analytics comprises two stages:

    • Predictive Analytics

      The first stage uses historical data and information to predict future events in simulations. This is based on statistical models.

    • Prescriptive Anlaytics

      The second stage takes up this approach and develops it further. This means that recommendations about how a certain situation should be dealt with can be derived from the historical data and statistical models.

Henceforth, our ERP solution will be able to take automated measures. Click here to find out what advanced analytics offer already today (available only in German).

Look into the future:
Knowing what's coming with advanced analytics
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