EU Exit (Brexit)

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When a country leaves the EU, various tax-relevant data require adjusting in proALPHA. This includes the customer master files and the account group IDs of the customers based in the former member state as well as further master files.

For this purpose, proALPHA provides a utility which can be found among the tools in the system administration. The utilities automatically change various data in the master files of the business partners concerned. The data in the taxation bases of open documents of the business partners concerned are also changed. When the taxation bases of a document have been changed, tax determination is automatically performed again for the document.

Short Facts

  • EU exit on December 31, 2020
  • Open documents and relevant master files must be converted
  • Our consulting package supports you in the conversion

What We Offer You

Of course, you can also book the steps individually:

1. EU Exit - Basic Package

All EU withdrawal programs WITHOUT reconciliation, WITHOUT installation, and WITHOUT simulation

2. EU Exit - Safety Package

Provision and installation of EU withdrawal and simulation programs, simulation, analysis

3. EU Exit - Individual Consulting

Individual consulting on the EU exit

4. EU Exit - Basic Package PLUS

Provision and installation of EU withdrawal programs

Does This Affect Me?

You are affected if one of the following statements is true:

  • You are managing a proALPHA company based in a country which is about to leave the EU
  • You are delivering goods to or are performing services in a country which is about to leave the EU
  • You are obtaining goods or services from a country which is about to leave the EU

Important notice for our customers with a proALPHA version < 7.x:
If you are managing an active company based in the EU country "GB" in your installation, this requires a detailed check. Please get in touch with us via e-mail before placing an order.

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