Intrastat Meldung

Changes to the Intrastat Report as of January 2022

Well prepared with the most important changes

Until January 2022, there will be several significant changes to the German report for intra-EU trade statistics, in short Intrastat. The previous ASCII format will not be supported anymore as of January 1, 2022 at the latest.

Prepare your ERP system for the mandatory information about the export regulations since it will significantly affect your future work with proALPHA. The specification of the sales tax ID and the country of origin of the goods for shipments is still voluntary as of today but the info must be specified as of January 2022.

Start your preparations now to be able to work with the extended file format and ensure seamless processes.

Please note: We can only guarantee on-time delivery by 01.01.2022 if the order is placed by 01.12.2021.

INT-001 | Intrastat Package Plus

The proALPHA Remote Consulting team provides you with all Intrastat changes as well as downgrades and installations in one instance.

Price: €1,250 

INT-003 | Intrastat Package Basic

The proALPHA Remote Consulting team provides you with all programs for the Intrastat changes. NO reconciliation and NO installation.

Provision free of charge

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