ATLAS File Interface

All-inclusive package for transferring data to third-party software

They are transferred from proALPHA to an ATLAS-certified shipping and customs software via the ATLAS interface.


  • Electronic data transfer to ATLAS
  • Corresponds to the customs export procedure
  • Setup consulting to meet your specific requirements

This package features:

  • Installation of the required software via X adjustment (up to and including version 6.2) or the adapter for the proALPHA Integration Workbench (as of version 7.1)
  • File drop for transferring the ATLAS document registration
  • Consulting services regarding the setup of the standard license
  • Setup of permanent jobs / queues for the file drop
  • Setup consulting and training



  • At least proALPHA version 6.1d
  • SL-ATLAS license
  • Ordered external software

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