Compliance Address Verification

All-inclusive package for INWB interface to third-party software

Within the scope of its operations, a company must guarantee compliance with legal regulations like the EU's counter-terrorism laws. These oblige companies to regularly check their business partners against official sanction lists of persons and organizations. proALPHA provides the compliance address verification for this purpose.


  • Checking addresses in proALPHA against sanction lists
  • Individual checking and bulk checking for multiple or all addresses possible
  • Setup consulting to meet your specific requirements

This package features:

  • Installation of the file drop / file pick adapter for the exchange of the checks by means of the proALPHA Integration Workbench (INWB)
  • Connection to the Web service for online checking
  • Consulting services regarding the setup of the standard license
  • Setup of permanent jobs / queues for the INWB
  • Setup consulting and training



  • At least proALPHA version 6.1f
  • License for BC-COMPLADR
  • Ordered external compliance software
  • System requirements of the INWB
    • Sonic Management version ≥ 10.0.10
    • INWB version ≥ 2.6.18
    • OE version ≥ 11.7
We will gladly check your INWB for you and offer you an update to the required versions, if required.

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