Function-Based Authorization Concept

Your path to your own authorization concept

The growth of a company automatically means more administrative obstacles for the configuration of proALPHA. Some employee are not allowed to have access to financial accounting, others must not have access to sales. Establishing your own authorization concept requires thorough planning and a precise implementation.


  • Training on the authorization options
  • Instructions for implementing your own authorization concept
  • Contact and support in the event of questions

This package features:

  • Delivery of import templates matching your proALPHA version
  • Overview and short instruction of the authorizations in proALPHA
  • Instructions for establishing own authorization concepts
  • Preview of the authorization concepts of Remote Consulting
    • Function-based authorization concept
    • Function-based authorization concept according to SOX (Serbanes Oxley Act)



  • At least proALPHA version 6.1d
  • For advanced authorization concepts: installation of the data transfer framework (migration manager)

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