Production Planning (APS)

Production optimization with Advanced Planning and Scheduling

In make-to-order and series production, it is crucial to provide the correct tools and the specialists available with the required quantity of material in time. This saves production time and costs. proALPHA therefore plans and optimizes resources according to managerial targets such as delivery reliability and cycle times.

APS – Take Full Advantage

Reliability, accuracy and delivery reliability – we've got it all! The knowledge and experience of our experts helps you to launch your production planning and keep it afloat on cloud nine. Are you wondering how to achieve this? You only need three steps. See for yourself!

Production Planning

Individual Packages at a Glance

Of course, you can also book the steps individually:

1. Your Entry & Your Potentials

Entry, analysis, potentials

Duration: approx. 1 week

2. Tailored to Your Needs

Customized configurations – for you only

Duration: approx 4 - 6 weeks

3. Permanent Improvement

Detailed improvements – permanently

Duration: 3, 6 or 12 months

What We Offer You

You want to find your way into using your APS? You have already achieved first positive results and want more? Your planning results correspond to the defined degree of automation and you are looking for further improvements?

Book our packages for an even better use of your APS here.

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