Create invoices or credits in the ZUGFeRD format

To enable you to efficiently exchange invoice data with your business partners, proALPHA provides invoices in ZUGFeRD format in sales and purchasing. ZUGFeRD is a common global format for exchanging invoices between companies and consumers, which was developed by the Forum electronic invoicing Germany (FeRD). The format allows invoice data to be exchanged in a structured form with PDF files.


  • PDF files according to the ISO standard PDF/A
  • Simple replacement of invoices with PDF files with integrated document data in XML format
  • Flexible consulting or complete installation of the required configurations

This package features:

  • Consulting and support in all questions about ZUGFeRD
  • Installation of necessary mapping tables
  • Tes tof the configuration



  • At least proALPHA version 6.2e
  • Use of List & Label forms

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