Automatic Document Transmission

Direct outputs with defined templates

In times of paper-optimized ERP processes, electronic document processing (incoming and outgoing) has gained special importance. Here is where proALPHA comes in and supports you in the automated document output. This enables the automated transmission of document data in various ways, such as by e-mail or file output. In addition to the document data, further information can be transmitted automatically, such as the general terms and conditions.


  • Individual consulting for the configuration
  • Transmission of further documents besides the document data
  • Diverse options based on the standard functionality: print, e-mail, EDI or INWB

This package features:

  • System technology installation and configuration of the automatic document transmission
  • Implementation and training of the output procedures / e-mail templates
  • Set up of a workflow for error handling

Your benefits:

  • Reduced costs for print output, paper, shipping/postage for outgoing documents
  • Reduced costs for interpreting/scanning/reading and integrating the document into the ERP process (incoming documents)
  • Reduced costs for archiving the paper documents
  • Lower environmental impact due to less paper consumption



  • At least proALPHA version 6.2d for the standard functionalities of the automatic document transmission
  • proALPHA version 5.2 or 6.1 for the component for the automatic document transmission

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